Junior Trail

A Trail Bike for Little Shredders





Where the fun starts.

The Rogue Range of bikes offer riders of all levels a lightweight bike with quality spec’d components. Designed to inspire cyclists to get outside and ride, regardless of your skill level, the Rogue Range is a capable bike that can handle a variety of terrains.


A fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs. Racing snakes and weekend warriors will feel equally at home on the Cypher RS with its pedal efficient platform and progressive geometry.


Most activities have their specialist clothing and cycling is no different. Cycling apparel is designed to fit well on the bike. No more loose clothing getting caught or not having enough pockets. It breathes well which helps you stay cool. It is designed for movement and stays in place when you move. Cycling apparel also offers protection, a helmet is a must, gloves and sunglasses are a choice… a wise choice!


In 2005, Titan Racing Bikes founder, Robbie Luis, saw a gap in the market. He applied his passion for cycling and extensive industry knowledge to launch the brand Titan Bikes. The first bike launched was a tandem with the sole purpose of supplying a product where there was a demand. That demand later grew to provide a range of affordable bikes to retailers in multiple countries. 


Before long, Titan bikes had established a positive reputation for providing quality products and superior customer support and services to both its dealer base and product customer base. By staying on-trend and continually looking for opportunities to grow the business, Titan bikes were soon widely known as a competitive cycling brand and accepted throughout the cycling community. The future of the brand was promising, and a quick decision was made in its early days to build a brand that could one day compete with the best on a global scale. 
And so the journey began. 


In the past five years is where Titan Racing has genuinely evolved and grown in leaps and bounds. Starting with our name, we have developed from our prior years of being known as Titan to Titan Racing bikes, a landmark decision in our brand’s history. This small change distinguishes the brand’s shift in direction and signals the starting point for developing our products in-house. Our product design team operates from our head offices. They can be found in our design lab, which we refer to as the Forge. Via the Forge, and our design and marketing team, the brand’s concepts are brought to life in the form of new products. This has led to the redesign of our value range of bikes, the introduction of new apparel and accessory ranges, and, most notably, a new premium offering of carbon bikes. 


Titan Racing is actively marketed via multiple platforms and mediums in all countries with current distribution. Our brand messaging is focused on continually adding value to all our consumers. We do this through numerous campaigns, including the SMART CHOICE and our unique 5-Year Multi-User Warranty.