Salty-C is an adventure driven production company created to capture the beauty around you. With the love for the outdoors and anything unique, they aspire to create the best content for you or your business. With a touch on the corporate side as well, working with international companies in creating marketing content tailored for them.

They recently took delivery of our newly launched Titan Racing Charge e-bikes to help them explore what South Africa’s great outdoors has to offer. The Charge is a rear hub driven ebike with plenty power to take you where you want to go. Explore. Travel. Commute. It’s all up to you.

Having these new e-bikes in our life is going to make a huge difference in the way we can explore an area a lot more and the fact that we can just jump on the bikes and get to the local shops to gather supplies without moving our entire van. It is just great!

We plan to do as many mountain bike tracks as possible taking us to new places in the mountains. This is where we will do our “work” by placing the e-bike or us on the e-bikes in unique places along the long. Places people will be asking about.

We are excited to explore with a lot more ease and just enjoy those moments in the mountains just a little bit more.

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