“Back in the day, I started cycling with my dad and as I got older, I actually started out pursuing triathlon pretty seriously. It wasn’t too long before I realized that I wasn’t too great at swimming or running for that matter, it was far more fun riding my bike. Since I realized this, I started focusing my energy on cycling more and more, and thus far it’s been an amazing journey.

“To date, my best result and proudest moment on the bike has to be winning the African Continental Champs in 2017 in Mauritius. This was my first international Race and definitely one of the best days I’ve had on the bike. It’s a memory I’m very fond of.

My short-term goals for my own cycling career and the team would be to be selected to represent South Africa at the World Champs. As the founder of the Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team, my goal would be to see the team continue to grow. I strongly believe that we have a good thing going with the brands we have chosen to partner with as they believe in our dream and our futures. Our longer-term goals for the team would be to win the African jersey in the Absa Cape Epic along with other iconic South African stage races such as Tankwa Trek and Wines to Whales.

“Being in a team has been a childhood dream of mine, but later on that dream developed into starting my own team and managing it. After a year or so of planning and looking for the right opportunity, the moment arose and I grabbed it with both hands. I believe starting the Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team has created an amazing opportunity for the future talent of South Africa to receive the necessary support to chase their own dreams. I see all the team members as my friends and we really do get along well.

“We are a like-minded young group who enjoy learning from each other at every opportunity. Cycling can be quite a lonely sport as it requires endless hours of training and sacrifice, often to be done alone. Being a part of the team makes us have mutual respect for each other as we know what it takes and having a team to share the positive and the negative moments with makes it a whole lot easier and ultimately enjoyable.

Date of Birth

17 August 1999


Marathon / Stage Racing / Gravel / Occasional Road Racing

Bike 1

Bike 2

Favorite Trail

Banhoek Conservancy, Stellenbosch


Western Cape
Rossouw Bekker Titan Racing Valley Electrical
Rossouw Bekker Titan Racing Valley Electrical
Rossouw Bekker Titan Racing Valley Electrical