17 August 1999

Marathon / Stage Racing / Cross Country / Occasional Road Racing

Banhoek Conservancy, Stellenbosch

Western Cape


Back in the day I started cycling with my dad and as I got older, I actually started out pursuing triathlon pretty seriously. It wasn’t too long before I realized that I wasn’t too great at swimming or running for that matter, it was far more fun riding my bike. Since I realized this, I started focusing my energy on cycling more and more and thus far it’s been a amazing journey.

To date, my best result and proudest moment on the bike has to be winning the African Continental Champs in 2017 in Mauritius. This was my first international race and definitely one of my best days I’ve had on the bike. It’s a memory I’m very fond of.

My short term goals for my own cycling career would be to be selected to represent South Africa at the World Champs. As the founder of the Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team my goal would be to see the team continue to grow. I strongly believe that we have a good thing going with the brands we have chosen to partner with as they believe in our dream and our futures. Our longer term goals for the team would be to win the African jersey in the Absa Cape Epic along with other iconic South African stage races races such as Tankwa Trek and Wines to Whales.

Being in a team has been a childhood dream of mine, but later on that dream developed into starting my own team and managing it. After a year or so of planning and looking for the right opportunity, the moment arose and I grabbed it with both hands. I believe starting the Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team has created an amazing opportunity for the future talent of south Africa to receive the necessary support to chase their own dreams. 

I see all the team members as my friends and we really do get along well.  We are a like minded young group who enjoying learning from each other at every opportunity. Cycling can be quite a lonely sport as it requires endless hours of training and sacrifice, often to be done alone. Being a part of the team makes we have a mutual respect for each other as we know what it takes and having a team to share the positive and the negative moments with makes it a whole lot easier and ultimately enjoyable. 

24 December 1996

Marathon / Stage Racing / XCO

Garden Route Trail Park, Knysna

Free State


When I started high school, I decided to try something different and partake in a local cycling race. The feeling of pushing myself and being at my physical limit gave me an immense sense of satisfaction and I was hooked. It was something I hadn’t experienced before and there was a sense of independence and freedom that came with it.

From being a top 5 UCI World ranked rider as a junior, to an exciting 2nd place at African Champs as an u/23, it is hard to highlight a single achievement as my best cycling accomplishment. To be honest, the results that I am most proud of are from the races where I had to overcome difficulties and setbacks to ultimately build character on and off the bike. These are the personal achievements that I’m proud of which have shaped me into the cyclist I am today. 

My short term goals are focused on podium positions at marathon events and shorter stage races such as Wines to Whales and the Great Zuurberg Trek. These are a priority in my long term goal of becoming one of the best teams in the country and they are the building blocks along the way to attaining this goal.

It was easy to see that the team and I share the same passion and enthusiasm in cycling and bikes. It’s this shared enthusiasm that drew me in. The Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team has offered me the opportunity to invest my own efforts and contribute my best qualities towards growing the team and the teams achievements whilst offering me support. It’s a great feeling working with dedicated athletes and being able to learn from each team member. The motivation set within the team environment contributes a great deal towards training and performance on race days.

15 October 2000

Cross-country / Marathon / Road / Time-Trial

Karkloof, Howick & Jonkershoek, Stellenbosch



I started riding a bicycle when I was three years old, my dad was the one who inspired me to start cycling in the first place and continues to motivate and inspire me to this day. 

My greatest cycling achievements thus far have been competing and representing South Africa at Cross-Country World Championships twice (2017 & 2018), as well as being selected twice to represent South Africa for Road World Championships (2017 & 2018).

My cycling goals for this year are to gain as much experience as possible while competing on the road and on the mountain bike, but I have a few long term goals for the future, which include competing at Olympics as well as winning World Championships.

The opportunity to ride for a team along with a group of other like-minded individuals for this season was an offer that I simply could not refuse. The support base and structure of the Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team is incredible, and was personally one of the best decisions I could have made in my cycling career thus far. I am really enjoying the experience and it’s been a lot of fun. All the team members get on well and I view the guys all as friends rather than just team mates. This happy, healthy environment is one which promotes growth and allows me to really strive to reach my full potential as a rider.

robert hobson

20 March 1998


Marathon / Stage Racing

Too many to choose from but love everything local so all trails in and around Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch, Western Cape


I discovered the world of cycling during high school, in the early days when mountain biking was just beginning to be recognised as a school sport. I had always been riding, but high school was where I started to give cycling more of my time and attention. Besides the competitive side, there was just something about the like mindedness of the people in and around the sport that drew me in. I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

Cycling has been an amazing vehicle that has driven so many memorable experiences in my life. From race victories, people, to epic destinations. My most memorable experience would have to be suffering in the Dolomites of Italy during the Hero Sellaronda, a race with over 4500m of climbing in less than 90km, all at altitude. That experience really gave me a clear picture of how brutal but rewarding the sport can be, a feeling I’ve been chasing ever since.

One of my current cycling goals is to be selected to represent South Africa at the UCI XCM World Champs and achieve the highest position amongst the South Africans. In the short-term I aim to build on my skills and become a more consistent and versatile rider. 

It is awesome to see how Rossouw’s determination and drive has led to him building such an impressive team. It’s something that inspires me,  motivates me to work more towards my own goals, and something that can be seen throughout the team. Although are a young team with ambitious riders, we all have a similar set of goals and views which creates a good environment for us to learn and grow from one another. The great structure, support, and sponsors aboard the team have really helped and enabled us to progress and grow as athletes, an opportunity we would not have received anywhere else. I hope the team is able to inspire many more young and up and coming riders in pursuing their dreams.






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