Cypher Zeus

South Africa is facing an unprecedented challenge due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving millions without an income. For a nation with such significant unemployment, this has resulted in impoverished communities feeling the brunt of this pandemic. Businesses throughout South Africa are joining forces to combat the COVID-19 epidemic and its devastating results. The outpouring of solidarity and support sparked by this shared challenge has been phenomenal. Titan Racing is one such company that has joined the mission. Through their fundraiser, Titan Racing hopes to raise R500 000.00 / €25 000.00 to help those in need.


Titan Racing has established its form of doing things, so fundraising would be no different. They have created a one-off limited edition of their new dual sus, the Cypher, inspired by the Titan God Zeus, playing on the brand’s name and the most powerful of the Greek gods. To pull off such a feat, Titan Racing has partnered with the international business tycoon, Belron, and their global charity partner, Afrika Tikkun. Belron, already being invested in the sports industry, has raised some €11 million through employee participation in their annual sporting events since 2002. This vital funding has benefitted Afrika Tikkun’s charity programs throughout South Africa. Funds raised will be utilised in the procurement and distribution of food parcels, PPE, and education for those most in need during this challenging time.


The Bike

In the first year since inception, the Cypher has gained immediate traction within the market, selling out all stock. Placed as the SMART Choice, the Cypher offers exceptional value with modern design, geometry, and component spec, making it an unrivalled competitor in the 100mm/120mm race/marathon bike category.

Jared from BMC airbrushing the custom decals on the Zeus Cypher.

The Titan Racing Team has designed and created the Zeus limited edition as a genuinely one-off piece of art valued at RRP: R80 000.00 / €4000.00. The lucky winner will receive the Cypher sent to them at no additional charge anywhere in the world.

Cypher key specs:

Speed: 12-SPEED
Groupset: SRAM GX
Handlebar: CARBON 760MM RISER
Rims: TR Carbon 28H

The Cypher is a fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs. Racing snakes and weekend warriors will feel equally at home with its pedal efficient platform and progressive geometry.

The Cypher features a flip-chip enabling the rider to customise the geometry for the trail conditions at hand. In the low position, the head angle is reduced by half a degree, and the BB drops by 6mm. This allows riders to take full advantage of the bike and hit the descents and technical sections with elevated velocity.

Designed explicitly around 1x drivetrains, a gently progressive leverage ratio is balanced between the ability to resist harsh bottom outs while still allowing the full use of travel. Progressive means that more force needs to be applied the further into the travel the rear axle moves to compress the shock – this makes for a supportive ride feel that is stable and composed. The leverage rate has been optimised so that it is not overly progressive, allowing for full use of travel. Anti-squat figures have been calculated to function optimally around 85-115% on 32T – 34T chainrings, those being the most popular size for 12-speed drive systems.

Keeping up with industry trends and innovations, the Cypher uses BSA threaded BB cups as opposed to press-fit for ease of maintenance. Additionally, the frame has internal cable routing solutions for a stealth dropper post, all gear shift cables, rear brake, and a remote lockout cable for the rear shock. The rear-axle standard is Boost 148, which allows us to maximise tire clearance without compromising on the rear center length. The Cypher can carry two water bottles inside the front triangle where they can be easily accessed while riding, a must for racing. A low standover height is perfect for those technical sections and showing your buddies your best whip.

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Thank You’s

This project would not have been possible without the support and collaboration of the various partners. Further, the most important contributor to this mission is all of the donors, local and abroad. We would like to thank you for supporting our cause and assisting the impoverished communities experiencing the brunt of this pandemic. With the number of individuals facing extreme poverty in our nation, we challenge all who are capable of making a difference to please do so. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

Despite the hard times ahead, we as a brand, Titan Racing, are committed to our vision of sharing the pure joy and empowerment of riding a bike.

While things may differ, there has been a global shift back to cycling, celebrating the unity and thrill two wheels can bring you. We maintain our promise to bring you bikes, apparel, and accessories that offer best in class value, serving the cycling community, and furthering our part in helping those impoverished communities in need.

We want to thank all of our loyal customers, supporters, and fans who have continually invested in Titan Racing throughout the years. Without you, this journey would never be possible. Keep safe & keep pedalling.

Belron® is the worldwide leader in vehicle glass repair and replacement with more than 10 major brands including Carglass®, Autoglass® and Safelite® Autoglass, operating in 40 countries, across six continents. Belron® has a strong tradition of giving back and supporting the communities in which it operates. It also recognises the impact it can have as a global community by working together to raise money. Since 2002 Belron employees from around the world have come together to take part in the annual Spirit of Belron Challenge – a fundraising and sporting event which includes triathlons, duathlon and marathon – all in aid of Afrika Tikkun. Over the years of partnership, Belron® people have raised over €11million. With the roots of the company firmly in South Africa it was felt that the right thing to do was to give back to the communities there.

Afrika Tikkun is a nonprofit organization that provides interventions according to a holistic and integrated understanding of children’s developmental needs and youth in South Africa. We believe that every child deserves to have access to everything they may need to become a fulfilled adult and reach a level of economic sustainability. Our Cradle-to-Career-360° model offers South Africa’s youth a basket of services, including health, social, and educational interventions, from early childhood to early adulthood.

We want to say a special thanks to Jarred at BMC, who did an excellent job of bringing our design to life. Without your creativity and level of skill, this project would not have been the piece of artwork and valuable charity driver, it is today.