Introducing the all-new Titan Racing Valerian

ONE BIKE TO DOMINATE THEM ALL The 2023 Titan Racing Valerian ushers in a new era for our performance road bike range by inheriting the Vanquish’s aerodynamics, and combining that with the latest in carbon tech and bike design to deliver a road bicycle that is light, stiff, and aerodynamic. When it comes to N+1, we can’t help you here! Aero, Stiff, Light. Pick all

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Review: Titan Racing Charge E-Two | Commute, Explore or Play

Remove by: Myles Kelsey The Charge E-Two has a magical blend of affordability and reliability with a dash of urban style. I’ve tried several models from Titan Racing over the years and the kind of value they jam into their product is just incredible. If this is your first eBike and you’re not quite a massive enthusiast (yet!) then you are probably looking for a

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Review: Titan Racing Rogue Cruz

Review by: Myles Kelsey For all the brand-bending brilliance of the Cypher RS, its models like the Rogue that has cemented Titan Racing’s reputation for no-nonsense value. At the time of writing, the Rogue Cruz retails for around R12000 which pegs it firmly in the budget bikes category here in South Africa. There’s a big market for base-level mountain bikes and its also a very competitive

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