Review: Titan Racing Charge E-Two | Commute, Explore or Play

Review by: Myles Kelsey

The Charge E-Two has a magical blend of affordability and reliability with a dash of urban style.

I’ve tried several models from Titan Racing over the years and the kind of value they jam into their product is just incredible. If this is your first eBike and you’re not quite a massive enthusiast (yet!) then you are probably looking for a less-expensive option, right? Well, for a mere R25k you can jump right into the world of sweat-free commuting, errand running and off-road exploring with a reliable frame, motor and battery in the Charge E-Two.

The Charge E-Two is a 29er, aluminum-framed, hub-driven hardtail eBike. The weight is 21.29kg with pedals as tested.


The finish is a tad more premium than I expected.

It’s a 380Wh battery from the electronic giant LG. It’s an integrated battery design – meaning the battery is inside the frame. The bike is supplied with a charger.

The bar-mounted display tells you which of the five support modes you are in, your speed, battery life and total mileage.

Say yes to bells!

The cockpit cabling is wrapped.

XOD hydraulic two-piston brakes front and rear.

TRC 860 air fork with 100mm of travel and a remote lockout.

It’s a standard chain drivetrain system…

… with a 10-speed 11-46t cassette that receives assistance from the 350W hub-mounted motor that produces 43Nm of torque. Those are big numbers and the range on this bike will not disappoint.

Shifting is handled by the Microshift brand.

The charge port is on the non-drivetrain side of the down tube.

There’s a TR saddle and a handy quick-release seat post clamp.

Single-compound (meaning slow wearing) 29″x2.25 tyres from the Italian brand, Vittoria.

The side kickstand is a very convenient accessory.

Three frame sizes are available with reach numbers ranging between 420 and 490mm.


Acceleration from intersections is pretty spritely and there’s easily enough power to get a jump on most motorists so you can own your space on the road.

On some of the steeper climbs in the City, I easily smoked other riders, cars and buses.

It can handle offroad ventures but without rear suspension, it’s best on smoother trails or roads. If you are planning to ride rougher surfaces then ask your bike store to install a tubeless setup.

At this price, you’d be forgiven for thinking there is something wonky with the bike. Actually, it’s been pretty flawless.

It’s a surprisingly responsive, quiet and powerful ride.

Rider comfort and maneuverability is good.


So far the bike seems to be bombproof and I’m enjoying it so much I’m going to dodge any emails from Titan Racing when they need it returned. It’s a perfect run around towner, pop to the shops or scoot over the hill to a meeting kind of bike. It’s easily off-roadable for riders who aren’t looking to get very sendy on singletrack.

Bikes make life better!

Rider suitability ranges from students to corporate workers who want to make better use of their commuting time; recreational riders or anyone needing to be (more) mobile. I’d love to see more of these on the roads and trails. Imagine what a difference we could make to this planet if just a small percentage of the population rode one of these just a few times per week instead of using a car, taxi or public transport. At this price, you’ll be able to spend a little on some fancy extras like lights, a bike lock and cool commuting gear.

WORDS: Myles Kelsey | IMAGES: Ward Photography | LOCATION: Cape Town