Titan Racing Launch Alloy Versions of Their 100mm & 120mm Full-Sus

n 2019 Titan Racing launched their much anticipated new full-sus, the Cypher, a fully-fledged racing bike with enough flair to tear up the descents and power through the climbs.

A 24-month project for Titan Racing, the Cypher, was well received and their carbon variants were sold with ease. An aluminium version has been in the pipeline for some time and was due to hit dealers early this year however, due to Covid-19 unexpected delays arose, and the stock has only landed much later than anticipated.

The idea behind the aluminium Cypher was to provide an equivalent ride-feel as their carbon Cypher and further deliver it in a more affordable package. To achieve this Titan Racing went back to the drawing board and designed the new aluminium frame around the same kinematic and geometry foundation as their carbon bike. A feat not as easy as it seems when comparing 2 different materials for construction. The carbon variant has been a success and we have seen it raced to many a podium via their young Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team, so the commitment to the development of the aluminium version has been just as keen. The end result is a race-ready xc/marathon bike that further rivals its’ competitors in ride quality, build quality, and price.

With consumers on an infinite quest to get more bang for their buck, Titan Racing have really pushed hard to get the most value out of this new aluminium range whilst still delivering a bike that looks and feels at home on the start line. It is with no doubt that mountain bikers will take a keen interest on the new range of aluminium Cyphers.