5 Year Multi-User Warranty

Our bikes feature a Titan Racing Warranty which is transferable between owners for the first 5 years from the original date of purchase. This ensures our customers that they are investing in a quality item and that we are committed to our brand and the service it provides to our customers.


Your TITAN RACING BIKE carries a 5-Year Multi-User Warranty from the purchase date of the original owner. This warranty is transferable to all subsequent owners within its 5-year lifespan. In order to take advantage of Titan Racing’s unique 5-year multi-user warranty, the original owner must:

• Register the bike online within 30 days of purchase. To register your bike visit: www.titanracingbikes.com/register- your-bike/
•  Keep the original proof of purchase.
• Pass on the proof of purchase to subsequent owner(s).

In the event that a warranty claim arises, the current owner will need to substantiate the claim by providing the proof of purchase along with the affected product being claimed. If the bike is not registered, the multi-user warranty is not applicable and the standard 5-year warranty remains valid to the original owner only.

Warranty claims will only be accepted if:

• The bicycle has been used ONLY for its intended purpose.
• Had an inspection during its first 500km or the first six months after purchase.
• The original spec has not been changed/adapted.
• The bicycle has had its suspension system serviced required service intervals.

In a warranty-activating event, TITAN RACING BIKES reserves the right to provide a frame of the current successor model in an available colour or, if no such frame is available, a higher grade model.

Warranty claims for suspension forks, Shimano components or other branded accessories will not be processed by TITAN RACING BIKES, but by the component manufacturer’s national distributor. Your direct contact in any case should be your TITAN RACING dealer, who will assist in this regard.

The warranty does not cover labour and transport cost, nor does it cover follow-up costs resulting from defects.

The warranty does not apply to bikes that have been used for jumps or have been subjected to any other kind of overstress.

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from:
• Wear and neglect (insufficient care and maintenance).
• Accidents or overstress caused by overloading, incorrect mounting or improper treatment.
• Damage resulting from changes to the bicycle (e.g. mounting or alteration of additional components).

Diligent compliance with the manufacturers’ mounting instructions and the prescribed maintenance intervals is crucial for your bike to enjoy a long service life and good durability of the bicycle’s components.



Some components of your bike are subjected to wear due to their function. The rate of wear depends on care and maintenance as well as on the way in which you use your bike (kilometers travelled, rides in the rain, dirt, salt etc.). Bikes that are often left standing in the open may also be subject to increased wear through influence of weather.

These components require regular care and maintenance. Nevertheless, sooner or later they will reach the end of their service life, depending on the conditions and intensity of use. Parts that have reached their limit of wear must be replaced.

This concerns:
• The chain
• The brake cables
• The handlebar grips/tape
• The chainwheels
• The paint
• The sprockets
• The chain rollers
• The gear cables
• The tires
• The saddle covering
• The lubricants
• The brake pads

Due to its use the chain is subject to wear and tear. This depends on maintenance and conditions of use of the bike (amount of kilometers, rain, dirt, etc.). Cleaning and greasing will help to prolong its life but you will have to replace the chain when reaching the wear limit.

All brake pads, no matter if rim-brake, disc-brake or internal brake are inherently subject to wear. If you use your bike for competitive cycling or in hilly terrain, they may have to be replaced quite frequently. Check your brake pads regularly and have them replaced by your TITAN RACING dealer, if necessary.

Rims of bikes with V-brakes or hydraulic caliper brakes
Braking causes wear not only to the brake pads but also the rims. Therefore check your rims regularly. Some rims have wear indicators, such as rings, colored makes or grooves, which become visible when the rim has reached its limit of wear. Take note of the specifications given on the rim. Ask your TITAN RACING dealer to examine the rims at the latest when you are through your second set of brake pads. Signs of deformation or fine cracks that appear in the sides of a rim indicate that the rim has reached the end of its service life. In this case, the rim must be replaced.

Bearings and seals of suspension forks
Seals and bearings are constantly in motion when the frame is subject to changing loads. These moving components are inherently subject to wear through the influence of weather (rain, dirt) and must therefore be cleaned and serviced regularly by your TITAN RACING dealer. However, depending on the intensity of use, these parts may wear down to a point where they have to be replaced, e.g. when bearings become slack.

Sprockets, chainrings and pulleys
Due to its use sprockets, chainrings and pulleys are subject to wear and tear. This depends on maintenance and conditions of use of the bike (amount of kilometers, rain, dirt, etc.). Cleaning and greasing will help to prolong its life but you will have to replace the chain when reaching the wear limit.

Due to their frequent use of tires, they are subject to wear and tear. This depends on the use of the bike and is influenced by the riding style. Aggressive braking will reduce the lifetime of the tire dramatically. In addition check the air pressure regularly and inflate the tire according to the pressure recommended by the producer of the tire which is imprinted on the sidewall of the tire.

Shifting and brake cables
All cables must be checked regularly and changed if necessary. This can happen especially when the bike is often standing outside or exposed to weather.

Handlebar grips
Due to their use handlebar grips are subject to wear and tear, and should be replaced immediately in case they do not fit anymore to the handlebar or get loosen.

Handlebar, stem and seat post
Handlebar, stem and seat post are under high stress forces while riding. Please check these parts regularly for visible cracks or damages and replace them if necessary.

Suspension fork
Due to its use the suspension fork is subject to wear and tear. This depends on maintenance and conditions of use of the bike (amount of kilometers, rain, dirt, etc.). Cleaning regularly will help to prolong its life but note parts will have to be replaced when reaching the wear limit.



titan racing warranty

Your TITAN RACING bike was manufactured with care and delivered to you by your TITAN RACING dealer fully mounted. To smoothly handle your claim, it is necessary that you present your receipt when doing a claim. Therefore, please keep this document in a safe place.

To ensure a long service life and good durability of your bike, use its intended purpose. Make sure to also observe the specifications as to the allowable loads. Please ensure the use of a certified helmet at all times while riding your bicycle.