Titan Racing Twitch Glove


Some prefer a short finger glove, whether it be for mtb or road disciplines. So we created the Twitch, for everybody who is searching for a short finger glove, ticking all the boxes whilst still being an affordable choice.

The palm is designed with a three-panel construction made from synthetic leather for a tailored fit. Synthetic leather is more durable and easier to care for making it the smart choice. The palm features 9 strategically placed High-Density foam pads at known hotspots to reduce fatigue when gripping the bar.

The palm features Cool Air ventilation holes to reduce moisture inside the glove which aids comfort without sacrificing cooling. An additional layer of Synthetic leather has been stitched onto the main contact point where your hand grips the bar to prolong the lifespan of the gloves.

The upper of the Twitch short finger glove is made up of 2 moisture-wicking materials. They are both lightweight and ventilated to offer maximum airflow when on the bike and the thumb features a Highly Absorbent Wiping Surface.

The glove does not feature a tension strap but rather an Easy-Fit slip-on design. There is a rubber tab on the upper and a Synthetic Leather tab on the palm to easily pull the glove over your hand.



Available in Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue and Black/Green.



•  Road or MTB use
•  Three panel palm construction
•  Synthetic leather
•  9 high-density foam pads
•  Cool-air ventilation holes
•  Upper made of moisture wicking material
•  Easy-fit slip-on design