Introducing the all-new Titan Racing Valerian


The 2023 Titan Racing Valerian ushers in a new era for our performance road bike range by inheriting the Vanquish’s aerodynamics, and combining that with the latest in carbon tech and bike design to deliver a road bicycle that is light, stiff, and aerodynamic. When it comes to N+1, we can’t help you here!

Aero, Stiff, Light. Pick all three.

No more time (and money!) wasted picking a bike for race day based on the terrain! The 2023 Valerian perfectly combines fast and light in a frame that weighs in at a mere 800g (UCL Ultra Carbon Lite) to give you a bike that can go fast on flats, and winding your way up a mountain pass for the perfect one-bike solution.

The Valerian’s tubes were designed to reduce drag and improve aerodynamic performance without sacrificing frame stiffness. When the first aero-centric bikes were launched they came with a significant weight penalty and were often quite harsh to ride due to the oversize tubes and zoned-in focus on ultimate speed through optimized aerodynamics. This meant hours in the mountain on your bike would come with a significant sacrifice due to the increased weight.

All in all, the idea is to balance the 3 key parameters below, affecting ride feel and efficiency on a performance road bike to get the best result possible.
•    Weight
•    Stiffness
•    Drag

“For this purpose, the proven concept of Kammtail tube profiles is used on the brand new Valerian. They afford a significant proportion of aerodynamic performance seen on a full aerofoil, but the truncated tube profile is stiffer and performs better in varying wind conditions that most bike rides will experience.  This means better aerodynamic performance than regular circular tubing and a stiffer frame than aerofoil-shaped tubes. In addition, the truncated aerofoil profile provides better handling in varying wind conditions (yaw greater than 10 degrees) which are common on significant portions of many bike rides. The UCI also places a 3:1 limit on aerofoil aspect ratios, so a truncated aerofoil shape allows a higher aspect ratio to be utilized, with a truncated rear edge (cut off) to remain within the 3:1 UCI approved aspect ratio.”

– Cliff Beckett, Titan Racing Head Designer

The Ride

A racing pedigree has been baked into the DNA of the Valerian through confidence-inspiring handling. Put the hammer down and you’ll be rewarded with the responsive feel of a road bicycle that wants to go fast all day long. On twisty descents, the Valerian offers tons of confidence and allows the rider to lean into the grip on offer, to chip away at the ticking clock. 

Worry about crosswinds no more! Using Kammtail tube profiles also make the Valerian stable in crosswinds, as it does away with oversized tubes that lead to the lateral destabilizing effect, adding to the confidence-inspiring ride that we built into our bicycles.
Another benefit of Kammtail-shaped tubes is the overall stiffness of the bicycle no longer comes from overbuilt BBs and heat tubes, but rather the sum of all parts, further boosting all-day comfort in a race bicycle.

“The first ride on the new Valerian was incredible. The bike has great agility with handling that will make you confident and increase the fun factor out on the open road.”

–    HB Kruger, Valley Electrical Titan Racing Team Rider

Sweating the Details

For each model in the range, we’ve spent countless hours picking the best possible parts kit, to make sure each bike offers maximum performance and bang for your buck. Details include an integrated seat post clamp and internal cable routing, adding to the overall aerodynamics and stealthy clean looks of the bicycle. The dropped seat stays add compliance for ride comfort and split headset spacers allow for stack height adjustment without the need to disconnect brake hoses. The full range comes with a non-slip aero seat post and disc brakes.

Models and Availability

By using three different carbon performance levels, and maxing out on the build kits, we have managed to build a range that offers something for everyone. The 2023 carbon range starts with the Valerian Carbon Comp and is crowned by the Valerian Carbon Ultimate.