Skyrim Trail Bike

The Titan Racing Skyrim Range offers riders a versatile trail bike that is suitable for most conditions found on South African trails. Built around the 27.5 plus wheel size with modern trail geometry, the hydroformed frame is specced with robust components that will withstand the abuse of rough trails without breaking the bank.

When it comes to trail bikes, Titan Racing has a strong belief that 140mm of travel is the sweet spot. The essential purpose of a trail bike is a bike that is capable of riding uphill and downhill with ease. 140mm is enough to deal with the technical stuff on most trails when things point downhill while still keeping the bike responsive for climbing. The Skyrim was designed around modern trail geometry trends showing how much trail bikes have improved from previous years. Trail bikes in general have a longer reach and a slacker head angle which make these bikes so appealing to trail riders as it directly effects the handling of the bike. With that said, the Skyrim is no exception and it embraces these advances in bike design and is a strong competitor at this price point of the trail bike market.

The Skyrim feels comfortable on long flat sections and inclines that require you to stay in the saddle and pedal which shows how much of an all-rounder the bike really is. The bike has a light feel to it when on the trails which means the Skyrim is not limited to only descending but aimed at riders who are looking for more travel and a relaxed riding position for various disciplines of riding.

Choosing to go the Plus bike route yields certain benefits for rider. The Skyrim is specced with 2.8 inch tyres which result in extra dampening due to the increased tyre volume, this helps absorb bumps from rocks and roots often found on our trails. Combining this with the much larger contact area found on Plus tyres generally result in more grip which is always welcomed by trail riders. The combination of these results in a bike that offers the rider more confidence, benefitting the average rider to really get the full enjoyment out of the trail they are on.

The frame features new Boost technology which allows for larger tyre clearance and an improved chainline. Another advantage of Boost is a stiffer wheel which has less flex under hard cornering which is a real positive for trail riders. The Skyrim range has internal cable routing which keeps the cables out of harms way and presents a neater looking bike.

Spec wise the bike comes in three levels. All three levels come standard with a 100mm dropper post, wide riser bars, and short stem. The Skyrim trail bike is a versatile bike that offers good value for money and is easily upgradeable at a later stage should you feel your progression is outpacing the components. This would be a great bike for someone wanting to progress in their trail riding or mountain biking, ticking all the right boxes it poses great value at an affordable price.

Source: BIKE HUB (22 February 2018)