SMART Choice

At Titan Racing we set out to offer our customers more than just another bike. We strive to offer next level products at fair value money where we aim to improve our customers riding experience. Our designers look to create frames with forward thinking geometry, functional designs and stylish looks. We pair this with clever part choices to allow us to offer the best in category bikes for our customers.

We call this the “Smart choice”.

The SMART choice is a decision making process that we challenge ourselves as a brand to uphold as well as ask our customers to consider. 


Innovative design – We inspire to create bikes we love to ride, apparel we can race, ride and train in, and accessories we trust.

Quality build – Our unique Bike Multi-User warranty, Helmet Crash Replacement warranty and Lifetime Accessory warranty ensure our confidence in our products.

Value – We aim to offer best in class products in all our ranges.

Applying this formula to our range of products inspires us to offer bikes, apparel and accessories that meet the expectations of our customers as well as the demands of ourselves being dedicated riders. Across a broad range of characteristics, we aspire to compete with our competitors and market trends whilst offering the best value. Adopting this approach, we aim to not only offer a better overall experience for our customer prior, during and after the purchase of their product, but also support the growth of the industry.

Are you getting the value you paid for? The next cycling related item you purchase, whether it be a bike or accessory, we ask you to consider whether you are making the SMART choice.