Brand Ambassador – Wesley Fourie

Whilst it is important to have brand ambassadors representing your brand and its’ products, it’s important to know the personality behind that ambassador. For quite some time Wesley Fourie has been asking to work with Titan Racing and at the start of 2018 we made this official. You may have seen his posts being shared on social media, you may have been on a ride with him, and if you’ve attended the Weskus Fatbike Event you may even have got a few words of encouragement from him.

Wesley Fourie is no stranger to the cycling industry and whilst he may best be known for his kitesurfing school in Langebaan, Constantly Kiting, he’s equally passionate about riding bikes all day long. “If I had to picture my perfect day, it would be spent outside, either in the mountains on my bike or on the water with my kite. I’ve always wanted to follow a career in the sports industry which has motivated me to follow the pursuit of my perfect day and make it a reality.” – Wesley Fourie

Our paths first crossed with Wesley Fourie back in ’16 and it was evident that cycling meant much more to him than just riding a bike. Embracing the lifestyle, Wesley cherishes his stories of riding bikes as a kid and finding mischief, growing up racing and competing to be the best of his abilities and as of late riding trails in Europe. Having run his own successful kitesurfing business, working with brands from around the globe on a professional and ambassador basis, he understands the sports industry and its’ infinite demands. What sets Wesley aside is his understanding and knowledge of cycling, and his sheer willingness to share that with everyone around him. We look forward to working with Wesley going forward and having him represent the brand locally and abroad.

“At the age of 40 I am more in love with my pursuit for adventure than ever before. Eager to pursue my desire for an outdoor lifestyle and fight the mundane of sitting in an office I constantly look for reasons or should I say excuses to be outside. Whether it be on the West Coast of South Africa riding along the beach with my Fatbike or blasting down the hills in Italy, Germany or Austria on my Trail Bike, my goal is to make sure that each day is as impactful as the last. 

In 2007 I opened the doors to my kitesurfing school in Langebaan, South Africa. It has been a busy and successful time, but all the years I’ve never given up on my passion for biking. Today, more than 10 years later, it feels as if the hard work has paid off and I’m fortunate to be one of the lucky few that enjoys summer all year round. Spending the summer months in SA with my kite school, and the SA winters in Europe on my bike enjoying their summers.

After spending many years competing, suffering from burning lungs and aching legs to be the better competitor, I’ve come to understand what the real goal of cycling is. The achievement isn’t who finishes first, it’s who rewards themselves with the experience. Stopping every once in a while to take in the view, slowing down to choose the best line and sharing the experience with people around you. My focus isn’t on being a faster rider, it’s to become a better rider.” – Wesley Fourie