Let the Cycle Begin.
Ride Beyond.
Titan 2016 range
has arrived.

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived!! The 2016 Titan Racing Bikes new range have hit our shores, and selected models are already in store! A mash up of monstrous 4 inch tyres, kids fatbikes, 11 speed drivetrains, eye catching paint jobs with crazy decals, featherweight carbon and flawless alloy frames are all here for you to eye ball. But don’t stare too much because bikes were made to be ridden and that’s where the fun is! Keep watching for the Carbon bikes arrival date and the much anticipated launch of our Titan road series later this year. You can’t be sad riding a bicycle, especially a Titan! #RideBeyond

new carbon fatbike range

Where the rugged trail ends, the journey begins. Mountain bikers are defined by that passion that beats with every heartbeat, the overwhelming adrenaline that flows through their vessels, the dreams that amuse their minds... To discover the natural, untamed, unridden trails that are naturally woven into mammoth mountains. Testing their bravery and their abilities to conquer the unknown trails. The Whopper is designed to venture where no other bike can, to ride beyond. Rocks, roots, sand and mud; nothing can stop you from reaching the summits of your dreams.

29R vs 650B wheelsize

When it comes to wheelsize, not sure whether to buy a 650B or a 29R? Which is better... As you look through the features of the wheelsize, you have to look at your body type and riding style to see which wheel size will be the best option for you. There is no right option for everyone, it comes down to which wheelsize will suit your needs better.